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The Morning Show

Good Morning Country Music Fans!

Welcome to The Morning Show, hosted by KCWM’s own Morning Crew.

The Morning Crew

Tune in, weekday mornings from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM for the World’s Best Country and Stimulating Conversations. If you’re in town, be sure to stop by the studio to say “hi’ and have a cup of coffee

The Morning Crew has made it to the final round for Ameripolitan’s 2023 D.J. of the year.
Stay tuned…


Doc is an Ex Special Forces, Scorpion Team member, from the 80s era, under President Reagan. He is a 32 year Air Force Veteran and is currently authoring his first books. He’s also the Quality Assurance Manager of Texas Aircraft in Hondo, TX.

It was this 6 year old boy’s dream, sitting on his Dad’s redwood picnic table, with a stick in his hand pretending to be a radio DJ and singer-song writer.

Now, here he is, a KCWM 1460 DJ who wrote his first song titled “Five Brothers”, which he dedicates to his four brothers in Heaven.


Larry grew up with interests in a variety of subjects including history, science, electronics, computers, radio, and travel. Traveling often, during his formative years, his appreciation of history inspired him to learn local history, wherever he traveled. Often documenting the experience with photography.

Larry served for eight years in The United States Air Force, in the role of Security Police. After leaving the military, Larry continued his formal education, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology from The University of Texas in San Antonio. Larry worked in the educational field with Palo Alto College as a tutor, network administrator and network engineer before transitioning to a position with the City of Hondo Police Department. During his twenty-two-year career with the City of Hondo, Larry met and became friends with Mike Carr and the staff of KCWM. These friendships, occasionally, led to Larry lending his computer and networking skills to helping KCWM build and maintain their computing infrastructure.

After Mike Carr’s passing, in 2019, Larry offered his assistance in returning KCWM to Hondo airwaves. Through God’s grace and Ann Harwood’s leadership, Larry made his Morning Show debut in March of 2022. Blessed by the greatness of Jesus Christ the Morning Crew has grown closer with each passing day.

J. Paul

J. Paul is a local volunteer firefighter, inspirational speaker. He has a love for American history and dedication to the safety and security of the public, that shows in many of the “gems” he brings to the microphone.