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Tower Funding

As many of you may know, the KCWM AM radio broadcast tower was recently destroyed by a tornado. We currently using a temporary broadcasting solution. Our FCC approval for this solution is expiring soon and KCWM must reconstruct a permanent broadcast facility. KCWM is asking for the support of our listener community to help rebuild […]

The Christmas Tamale Giveaway

KCWM is giving away one package of a dozen (12) Tamales Every weekday, between December 1 and December 22 – Homemade Tamales provided by: A&M Tamales, D’hanis, Texas Listen to the KCWM Morning Show, weekday mornings, from 7 to 9 AM, for your chance to win. Join KCWM and the Morning Crew for our Christmas […]

The Tradio Show

Buy, Sell, Trade – On the RadioEvery Saturday, from 11:AM to 3:PM. Join [NAME] every Saturday, on KCWM for a few hours of entertainment, bartering and general shenanigans. The KCWM Tradio Webpage will be loaded with current listings, for items and/or services that have been submitted (emailed to [email protected]). [NAME] will promote and discuss listings […]

The KCWM Posse

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