TRADIO - Buy, Sell, Trade

The Tradio Show

TRADIO - Buy, Sell, Trade

Buy, Sell, Trade – On the Radio
Every Saturday, from 11:AM to 3:PM.

Join [NAME] every Saturday, on KCWM for a few hours of entertainment, bartering and general shenanigans. The KCWM Tradio Webpage will be loaded with current listings, for items and/or services that have been submitted (emailed to [email protected]). [NAME] will promote and discuss listings On-The-Air and connect with KCWM listeners. While we’re at it, we will also squeeze in some of the World’s Best Country and stimulating conversations.

What is Tradio?

A weekly on-air event where you can buy, sell and trade personal goods and services.

How do I get my stuff listed and promoted on Tradio?

Send an E-mail to KCWM, with a description and photo of the items and/or services that you wish to have listed on the KCWM Tradio Webpage.

Who can submit listings for items and services on Tradio?

Tradio is available to private individuals only. (no business listing, please)

What may I submit for listing?

Non-Commercial Items Only.
Garage sales, yard sales, dogs, cats, boats, household items, etc. are all welcome. Non-profits, fundraisers, and benefits are encouraged to participate. In general, you may submit anything, legal, that you wish to buy, sell or trade for (except for prohibited items).

What is prohibited?

Images and listings that are pornographic, violent or threatening in nature will not be posted. Federal Regulations prohibit the sale of firearms via Tradio.

Tradio Advertising Opportunities

Are you a business looking to increase foot traffic and sales? Do you need to hire employees? Tradio is a great place to advertise.  Call our Advertising Specialist, Brenda Speckmiear anytime to get set up with a Tradio advertising package.